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POWER MONITORING included with our Consulting Services

Power Lines Talk - We Listen & Translate!

Almost 40 years now..

We screen for Transients, Sags, Momentary / Long Term Outages and Surges with a Professional Power Quality Power Analyzer at one selected point. 

 We use our own RPM, Fluke, Dranetz - BMI Power Disturbance Analyzer equipment for our monitoring.  We will also visualize the monitored power point for wave-shape faults during setup.   This service is normally provided out of our TN office where we have our own metrology lab equipment for calibration of our own Fluke / RPM & Dranetz - BMI monitoring equipment.  

Telephone Offices & Cellular Sites, Military, Shipboard: To monitor service main (50, 60 and 400HZ simultaneously) and additionally monitor a "48 VDC voltage rail" for battery packs at Tel or Cell sites with one of our specially configured Power Quality Monitoring Analyzers.  Again our written report is included.


  • Wouldn’t you like to know if you have a Power Problem or not?


    (Remember: Power Monitoring is included free with all consulting assignments.  In addition we also use the most advanced computer based Graphical Power Quality Monitoring Instruments for detailed use by consultant during Advanced On-Site Investigations while physically on site.  Go to "PowerConsultants.com" for more details and powerful and complete professional quality investigative services.)



  • Real - Time Monitoring Services

    Remote dial-up, portable and permanent rack mount units, are available for minimum of one year contract to alert us when problems arise for you.  Call us for our requirements, your application and pricing.

    Can we assist your company?


    IL Office: (847) 680-6225 x1 


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